March Goodness Me Box – Unboxing


Haven’t done one of these for a while!

GM Box have started a kids box this month which I just had to try out 🙂

Here are the two together – the kids one is only a snack box and is quite small (10x18cm);


Here is everything from the this month’s standard GM Box;


The Panang Curry is almost 500 calories… I will cook it up and try it but I will probs give the rest to someone else as that’s too many calories for such a small meal (I like to eat big).
Weird Poop Powder… it says on the back that its not a laxative – so its just a fiber filled probiotic powder that you can add to smoothies I guess… there is also a picture on the back of a little stick figure pooping love hearts into a toilet… classy.
Now for the Kids’ Box;

My kid has super irritable skin, so I am excited to try the moisturiser.

The biotics bar has me confused, it says whole foods – but the ingredients just lists a bunch of powders… eh I’ll see if its a hit with the kiddo or not 🙂



So the cold turned into a chest thing. 

The chest thing is still lingering, but I had boundless energy this morning, and I could breathe enough to go for a run 🙂 IT WAS GREAT! I only coughed til I almost peed myself a few times too, bonus! I never regret a run. I never feel bad after a run. I always feel GOOD after a run! I need to remember this.

My food habits/intake is better, still not great, but better is better.

This guy, James Smith, is very motivating – he swears a lot, but there is no sugar coating anything which I think a lot of us need.  – I don’t agree with all of his off the cuff remarks regarding nutrition for optimal health, but for weight loss and muscle gain he is spot on. I am going to start his free trial next week. “Oh but why don’t you start today?” – because I’ve already bought and planned my meals for the week, and chest cold – not performing at the top of my game right now lol – plus I still can’t shake the old, “Diet starts Monday” mindset.

Anywho, that’s my update for the week.


Photo by from Pexels


Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels

Well I put the wagon in for repairs, and got a serious head and chest cold.

My right shin has only JUST started feeling better, and now I still have to wait before I can run again.

I wish I was one of those people that loses their appetite when they are sick… I am the opposite – not just for comfort but it stops my throat from hurting too lol. I’ve been trying not to binge on junk food – and succeeding for the most part, but I still have been eating way too many calories – 2500 per day at least – when I should be at 1200.

I hate the way I look again. Like I’m side-eyeing myself in shop windows and its super lame. Its my own fault, no one can change this except for me.

Ugh sorry – there been a few downer posts lately. I’ll get back up there.

Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels

Oh Dear…

Photo by Engin Akyurt via pexels

Soooo the wagon wheels fell off again… But that’s ok. I am trying to put them back on as I type.

I’ve still been running, its just my food that has been terrible. Like, ‘pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup for dinner’ terrible.

The Shin Splints are definitely back. I have to take another day off running as they hurt just when I walk. I need to get new running shoes but I also need to find $250 out of nowhere -_-  I was fitted for the Hoka One One – Bondi 5 last year, along with Sauconys’ – I chose the Sauconys. This year I am going to get fitted again, but I will definitely go with the Hoka brand. The Sauconys fit like GLOVES, but the cushioning has worn out after 250km. I think this is a large part of the shin splints coming back.

I haven’t weighed today as I know I will have gained – simply from the sheer volume of food consumed over the weekend. I feel tired and irritable and my skin has already started to break out from it. It really stands out when your diet changes from super healthy, to utter crap. I also have very little motivation for anything.

Back on the bandwagon though. Just.Keep.Going.

Typical Meal Plan for the week;

Iced Coffee With coconut sugar and almond milk
250ml coconut water
500ml water
Huge handful Kale
Huge handful baby spinach
1 cup or so of mixed berries
1/2 slice pineapple
1tsp greens powder
1tsp hemp seeds
1tsp baobab powder
2tsp Prana On – Phyto Fire – protein powder

150 Chicken Breast OR Tofu – seasoned
150g or more of mixed green leaves

Lean protein and vegetables – adapt the family meal to suit my needs

Protein Bar or Fruit
Brazil Nut






Another Day… Another Update…


Hey there,

So the shins and knees are already protesting the training, but this time around I plan to get serious with the strengthening and try to avoid injury.

I’m really trying to max my vegetable and fruit intake too. I finally harvested some spaghetti squash and made a Mexican inspired sauce to go with them – bloody delicious!

The urge to binge has reduced. Or maybe its slightly easier to avoid. When I feel a really strong urge (late at night, at home, when tv is on) – I make a massive batch of popcorn. Air popped with a salt blend. 150 calories of popcorn mix is way better than 3000 on chocolate and chips etc. I’m also not craving chocolate – but I do still crave sweet stuff.

I don’t think I’ve actually dropped weight since last week – but I haven’t gained which is LOVELY.

Photo sourced from

Half Marathon – Take 2?

photo from pexels

Really? Am I going to attempt this again?

I can already hear my shins protesting.

I need to up my training. Longer runs is a must – but this means I am going to need to do my long runs as late as possible but also before it gets dark…

In the evening, the last thing I want to do is move my body, let alone RUN. I need to get up early for work, so no time for long runs in the morning.

So I’m going to need to get home, clean, put washing on, fold today’s washing, cook dinner, eat, sort Kiddo’s lunch out, put kiddo in shower then bed, make sure I spend some time with Husband, THEN I can go for a run… all this before it gets dark… riiiiight.

Then there’s strength training… I HATE strength training. But I’ll have to do it. I might set reminders at work to do squats and calf raises at my desk or something…

Still rocking the smoothies every morning. I didn’t binge over the weekend which I am thankful for!

Weight Loss since 2nd Jan = 3.4kg – 7.48lbs