Weigh in day + Spring is coming!


Feeling good today!

I was 81.7kg on Saturday morning, but I had a bit of a blow out over the weekend – it honestly could have been worse though. Stepped on the scale at 82.5 this morning.

I’m feeling motivated, I’m feeling really energetic, I just feel really really good today! We planted so many veggies, berries, and a new apple tree yesterday too which I’m so excited about! We planted Spinach, Silverbeet/chard, radishes, beetroot, garlic, peas, tomatoes, marigolds, strawberries, bubblegum berries (a cool strawberry hybrid), and broccoli 🙂 My dog ate my apple tree a couple of months ago, so we finally planted a new one – and we will not let our guard down this time with the veggie patch fence!

Today has zero rain predicted – this has put me in a good mood 🙂 Although the rest of the week is meant to be really wet 😦 I say this while sitting at my desk with the heater on – its always freezing in my office.

Anywho – weigh in time!

Start Weight = 84kg
15/07/2019 = 84
22/07/2019 = 83.8
29/07/2019 = 83.1
05/08/2019 = 82.5
12/08/2019 =
19/08/2019 =
Final Weigh in =

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Annual Leave – Eat Eat Eat


I took 2 weeks off of work. I planned to run – but of course managed to get a chest and head cold and used that as an excuse to barely move at all -_-

I didn’t gain though which is a massive relief. We have started week 3 of the weight loss challenge and I have barely made any progress at all (I’ve lost 700g). So I now have 4 weeks left to lose what I can. Hopefully its enough.

My husband has lost 4kg just from stopping the beer (Dry July) – he’s also been making healthier choices and eating less. I don’t drink beer, and to be honest, I might have one alcoholic beverage a month – so I’m not getting extra calories from that – I simply just eat too much. I hope he continues though as he’s doing really well.

I just ran 5km in my lunch break – I only planned to do 3.5-4 ish because I’ve been crook, but I felt FREAKEN AWESOME so I just took the longer route 🙂 YAY!

I am going to be taking drastic measures with my food in this challenge I think. It isn’t sustainable, but it might be the kick-start I need. Basically fruit smoothies/Liquids/replacements during the day, and one meal of solids at dinner. Planned run days, (like this morning), I am having 40g steel cut oats with pure maple syrup, chia seeds, flax seeds, and an assortment of Brazil, cashew, pepitas, sunflowers etc. It clearly helped my run today so I’ll stick with it.

I’m taking half a multivitamin tablet (a whole tablet contains more than you need daily, so its just a waste), and I was given a collagen supplement so I may as well take it and see if there are any results.

Anywho, I’m feeling really positive today.

Start Weight = 84kg
15/07/2019 = 84
22/07/2019 = 83.8
29/07/2019 = 83.1
05/08/2019 =
12/08/2019 =
19/08/2019 =
Final Weigh in =

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Fail but not Fail!


So the weekend was a binge fest – I basically ate an entire 16″ pizza to myself. Plus all the garlic bread etc. – oh and a giant piece of cake. I woke up 2kg heavier Monday morning – that’s secretly why I only posted the unboxing, and not an actual update -_-


Somehow I managed to turn it around. I’ve been for 2 runs, signed up for a weight loss competition at work, and dropped most of the weekend binge weight off.

The competition starts next week – I have 6 weeks to lose as much body weight % as I can. We are all putting in $20 – winner takes all 🙂 I needed some motivation so hopefully that will spur me on. I’m on annual leave for the first two weeks of the competition – first week is looking after my kiddo during school holidays, but in the second week I can go for long runs with no time limit!

Fun fact – I was bored of normal Hummus, and they didn’t have my favourite chipotle hummus at the shop…


…so I got some taco seasoning and tipped some of that in – happy to announce that it wasn’t one of my worst ideas 🙂

any-who – I thought this week was a fail before it started but it turned out better than expected!


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July Goodness Me Box – Unboxing


July Goodness Me Box – Unboxing

I had a couple of months off from getting the GM box – mainly for financial reasons. But that/s one of the great things about Goodness Me Boxes – you can skip a monthly box whenever you need to.

I forgot that I also am subscribed to the kid’s box too!

This month’s motivational quote is “Slow progress is better than no progress”

Kids box first;
I would be super happy with it if I still had a baby or toddler. I will be giving away the baby food, keeping the chocolate for myself, because duh, and Kiddo will definitely make use of the sultanas.


Standard Box:
Tried the biscotti – the rosemary is way too overpowering – it’s such a weird flavour. I don’t know if I like it or not.
Love the chai mylk – the flavour is quite weak/subtle though, but it’s still nice.
Ooh! I forgot to take a photo, but I also got a mesh/reusable produce bag too.

I split my pants at work


I cannot wait for spring – I’m sick of the cold. 

So last Friday, I was given the task of overhauling our print room – this took me a full day, I was COVERED in black dusk and grime, and when I got home, I realised I had split my jeans… no one told me… awesome. I bought some new jeans last night, my normal size was too tight, and the size above was too loose – I went with the loose ones for comfort, but they have stretched in the 2 hours that I’ve worn them and are now all saggy and shit. I’ve chucked the receipt too, so I’m stuck with them now.

This week has been a good week food wise, I have been managing to not binge at night time, and I have definitely been eating smaller portions of dinner too. The weekend was a write off as normal, but I’m really hoping I can sort my shit out this weekend and not be an idiot.

I’ve been eating a fair bit of hummus, carrots, and cucumber for lunches. Since I’ve been quite busy at work, there’s less time for snacking – which works out GREAT for me.

I have to go to a baby shower this weekend – its going to cost $44 just for some pizza… you have to bring your own drinks too. I love the person who the shower is for, so that is what is making me go – hopefully the pizzas aren’t all white dough with a tiny bit of topping. The older I get, the less my body is tolerating white bread/refined grains. I refuse to say that its gluten – its just the refined grains. It sucks, because bread is life 😦

I lost 200grams this week – it aint much but at least I didn’t gain…

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The sun is out, my guns, are not.


Its the middle of Winter and the sun is shining!

Today is going to be sort of warm and sunny! I start to hate the sun in Summer, but a nice day in Winter brings out the best in me 🙂 I’m in such a disgustingly positive mood 🙂

Also… COFFEE! I’ve always loved coffee, but this morning I am craving a really good one… I just don’t have any really good baristas near my work 😦

I’ve stopped logging my calories on MFP this week – just for a bit of a shake up from the monotony. I’ve also been super busy at work which has forced me to stop snacking as I simply don’t have time to go rummaging around for food (and the boredom eating isn’t happening either – lovely).

I’ve slightly increased my running KM – lol slightly… 1 extra km per week. But hey its better than nothing.
Monday 4km
Wednesday 5km
Friday 4km
I’m so prone to injury (shin splints and PFJ) that I really need to do it slowly this time. I walk for 30 minutes at lunch time on Tues and Thurs, and I also walk the dog for 20-30 mins a couple of nights too.

I don’t want to be overweight this summer. I want to wear dresses and be comfortable. I want to wear shorts that go above my knees! Short sleeved Tshirts! Oh what a dream! 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol

Breakfast was coffee…

I might treat myself to some edamame and some seaweed salad for lunch… maybe some carrots and hummus too. Ooooh and just one nori roll.

Dinner is Schnitzel and Veg – Its chicken thigh schnitzel which I HATE so I’ll spend more time trying to pick the fatty, sinewy bits off it.

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Lack of Control + What I am Eating Today


I’m sick of being cold and wet and muddy already! 

I’m having to run super early at work today due to impending rain – which means I won’t get a proper lunch/eating break in the middle of the day -_- first world problems, I know.

I’ve never felt so out of control – In all my years of disordered eating, and needing to control what I consume etc. this last year has been so messed up. I’m really good while at work, but as soon as I get home, I lose control. Its not always massive binges or anything, but its like I am unable to say no to myself, and I am unable to care until the next day – not even that immediate feeling of regret, no – I literally don’t care until the next day. I don’t know how to stop this either. I feel like I’m completely out of my depth right now. Do I bombard myself with motivational pictures and quotes constantly? Keep a ‘goal outfit’ hanging up in my room (I would need to hang it in the entrance of my kitchen for it to do any good) – put locks on the cupboard? If I was on my own, then yeah that might be an idea, but my husband already thinks I’m crazy, I don’t want to make it worse lol. I know what I NEED to do, I know what I SHOULD be doing. But I just don’t seem to do it? UUUUUUUUUUGH I need a massive kick up the arse.

Anywho – Today’s meal plan…

Breaky – Almond Milk Coffee like normal  – a Brazil nut too.

Lunch – I roasted some potato (cut into thick fries) with rosemary, chives, garlic powder, and a little spritz of olive oil. I also made some vegetable soup with cumin and turmeric.

Dinner – My husband bought some cheese kranskies that he wants to have tonight… (fatty sausages wrapped in pastry -_-) I will fill my plate with roasted veggies too but this is going to be a calorie dense dinner (hence the soup and lack of breakfast 😦 ).

I put some dates in the cupboard to hopefully kill the ‘after dinner sweet’ cravings too.

Ooh also will be having Pre-Workout/Fat Burner (Happy Way – pineapple flavour) before my run today,  and Protein Shake for after my run too (normally I use bRaw or PranaOn, but I might use up the last of the awful Botanika Blends one so that its out of my drawer – blegh).


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