So this week the weather has been awful. 

We busted our butts digging more holes and pouring concrete, and then the husband changed his mind about the timber sleepers – now we are going to concrete ones.

My Treadmill is pushed aside to fit more stuff in the shed, and my trainer has had her own stuff to deal with so I’ve been a little slack this week. Even our poor dog hasn’t had a walk for 2 days 😦

My food intake has been pretty good to be honest. No binge eating – still a bit too indulgent, but lots more fruit than normal, and veggies too.

I really should weigh in this week…


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Weightloss Journey – Week 12


Things are HECTIC right now!

Our backyard is completely leveled (intentionally) but just dirt. I have a new employee that I am training at work (the reason for the late post). We have kids parties every damn weekend for the foreseeable future. We have a road trip planned for the end of the month too (that will be another late post).

I did boot camp yesterday, my butt hurts.

I don’t know if its due to the weather being up and down, or me being run down lately, but I’ve definitely lost my mojo with running. I just cant get motivated.

Our new employee baked a huge container of sausage rolls and brought them in. It was one of those situations where I couldn’t refuse without looking either rude, or weird. I might have some lo-cal noodles for lunch to even out the calories. Ugh.

I’m feeling really down about my own motivation levels, and that I keep sabotaging myself. I don’t understand why. I know that junk food doesn’t make me feel good, but I still eat it – and its like I turn off all common sense and just eat. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself. Like I actually can’t. Don’t give me that shit of “make a conscious decision before you get the food” etc. It’s beyond that. I might go through and remove any/all confectionery from my home because I’ll eat it even if I’m not really craving it. I just like the taste, and the ball starts rolling.

I’m super run down, I was sick a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve constantly had minor infections, hay fever symptoms, muscle weakness, soreness, and stiffness, fatigue, and just general annoying niggles. My food during the week is super healthy (but over indulgent/too much) I’m getting plenty of greens and veggies, fiber, protein, etc. Maybe it’s simply the eating too much and/or the bad weekend choices that are doing it… eh I dunno.


Friday Weigh in – Week#11?

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I think its week 11?

Seriously. 11 Weeks and I have managed to lose 3kg… that’s a terrible effort.

I’m going away this weekend and hoping to not have any opportunity to binge. Why does my willpower just disappear? Why do I allow myself to give in? I don’t want to be overweight through another summer.

Weigh in time…

Starting Weight: 85kg – 187lbs

Current Weight: 81.9kg – 180.18lbs

Total Loss: 3.1kg – 6.82lbs

Total Remaining: 13.9kg – 30.58lbs

Time Left until 1st December: 8 Weeks… shit.


Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

I don’t wanna weigh!


Yes I am singing that to the Dawson’s Creek theme song. Don’t Judge me.

Seriously though… I don’t want to weigh in tomorrow. I know it will be way up.

I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks. I don’t want to go. I did buy a new dress for it and it does fit me, but uuuuuuuuuuuugh. I just wish I didn’t like food so damn much.




Ok, last week I was sick as. So. Freaken. Sick. I couldn’t breathe let alone work out. Also being sick means comfort food – of which I ate my fill, twice over.

Long story short, I think I’ve really messed up my progress. I’m still crook (cough and snot and all the delights), but I have a bootcamp class that I don’t want to miss out on today so I’m going to attempt it anyway. I’m making tacos for dinner for the family, but I am having a taco bowl – not having the tortilla – maybe some cauliflower rice or something… or just veggies I dunno.

My husband has lost 6kg – He’s actually doing really well and his willpower shits all over mine – what a jerk 🙂 I’ll be picking at bread or bad food, and he’ll grab a banana and an apple or something. The weather is warming up, so I am naturally craving fruit, but something in me will still pick the crap food instead? I ate so much pastry over the weekend – pies, pasties, ooh and donuts too! So so bad.

Anywho, I don’t want to turn into another person who starts a WL journey, falls off the wagon, and stops their blog. I’m going to finish this no matter how long it bloody takes me.




Friday Weigh in – Week# 9

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I really tried this week   -_-  

I have been running my butt off, and eating well. I am going to blame hormones and water retention for my weight this week.

Also I have a plan for the weekend! I have done my grocery shop online because our weekends are full, and we want to spend as much time with our kid as possible. I have ordered lots of fruit and a small tub of chocolate sauce for tonight, plus some crackers and cheeses. I know I will potentially still rack up the calories, but even if I stuff myself, I will probably consume an extra 1000 calories, rather than my normal 2000-3000 on chocolate and chips. The plan is obviously not to stuff myself though. I will be doing some more paving this weekend so hopefully that will keep me away from the kitchen! I just need to stay away from the damn food.

I wish spring/summer in Australia didn’t come with snakes. I see all these beautiful trail running photos but I’m too scared to trail run on a warm day. I am just not interested in getting a snake bite. I’m bored with the route I take on my lunch break too, so I need to change that up quick smart before I lose my mojo.

My shoulder is KILLING me. I have a massage voucher that I know will help it, but I didn’t want to book the massage until I had hit my first goal weight (I was using it as a reward). I need to sort my shit out because I can’t actually deal with the shoulder pain much longer. I have 1.5kg to go until that goal weight. Maybe I can use the shoulder pain as motivation to hurry the feck up.


Weigh in time… 

Starting Weight: 85kg – 187lbs

Current Weight: 81.5kg – 179.3lbs

Loss this Week: pfft

Total Loss: 3.5kg – 7.7lbs

Total Remaining: 13.5kg – 29.7lb

Time Left until 1st December: 10 Weeks

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I dodged the weigh in…

I had time off work and I used that as an excuse to go off the rails a bit.

I should be 8 kilos down by now. I am definitely not.

SUMMER IS COMING AAAAAAAAAH!!!! I need to sort my shit out!!!!!

We like to do at least one movie night with the kiddo on the weekends, and that is generally my excuse to eat chocolate and chips all weekend. THIS weekend, I am going to make a cheese and crackers platter, and also a fruit platter with chocolate dipping sauce. That has to be better than eating an entire family block to myself, and one or two family bags of chips?

I will get my shit together… eventually.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels