Another Day… Another Update…


Hey there,

So the shins and knees are already protesting the training, but this time around I plan to get serious with the strengthening and try to avoid injury.

I’m really trying to max my vegetable and fruit intake too. I finally harvested some spaghetti squash and made a Mexican inspired sauce to go with them – bloody delicious!

The urge to binge has reduced. Or maybe its slightly easier to avoid. When I feel a really strong urge (late at night, at home, when tv is on) – I make a massive batch of popcorn. Air popped with a salt blend. 150 calories of popcorn mix is way better than 3000 on chocolate and chips etc. I’m also not craving chocolate – but I do still crave sweet stuff.

I don’t think I’ve actually dropped weight since last week – but I haven’t gained which is LOVELY.

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