Half Marathon – Take 2?

photo from pexels

Really? Am I going to attempt this again?

I can already hear my shins protesting.

I need to up my training. Longer runs is a must – but this means I am going to need to do my long runs as late as possible but also before it gets dark…

In the evening, the last thing I want to do is move my body, let alone RUN. I need to get up early for work, so no time for long runs in the morning.

So I’m going to need to get home, clean, put washing on, fold today’s washing, cook dinner, eat, sort Kiddo’s lunch out, put kiddo in shower then bed, make sure I spend some time with Husband, THEN I can go for a run… all this before it gets dark… riiiiight.

Then there’s strength training… I HATE strength training. But I’ll have to do it. I might set reminders at work to do squats and calf raises at my desk or something…

Still rocking the smoothies every morning. I didn’t binge over the weekend which I am thankful for!

Weight Loss since 2nd Jan = 3.4kg – 7.48lbs



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