Easter Damage Control


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. So. Much. Chocolate. 

Yep I binged. Four days straight.

I woke up feeling physically ill – even my morning coffee was too much for me.

I didn’t walk, or run, or do any form of physical activity at all. I feel gross.

I will be running at lunch time, well – if my shins let me.

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Shin Splints but still PROGRESS!


I lost weight, and gained shin splints!

Shin Splints and I are old buddies -_- they’ve been aching and getting progressively worse for weeks now, but I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t get THAT bad… Well they did. I think if I run on them in the next few days it could potentially turn into a stress fracture – or at least make my life even harder – So running is off the table for at least a week – I might try a slow jog next Monday and just see how that goes. I think I’ll do daily HIIT workouts all this week instead.

Yesterday I moved all my furniture around my house, so I am counting that as exercise 🙂

I LOST WEIGHT THIS WEEK! Lol – Not a lot… again… but its still a loss! I have friends that are doing weight loss challenges with their gyms and seeing massive results and its making me jealous – which is motivating me too I guess. I wish I had a magic pill to make me not want to eat junk or processed/fatty foods – and also a shock collar to stop me eating when I’m full lol. I took some ‘progress’ shots this morning as I was feeling thinner (I’ve lost a few CM) but holy shit, I can not see any difference in the photos. It was like the image in the mirror, did not match the photos at all – how can my mind be skewing the image so badly? How the hell can I be seeing two different images? Any who – I’ll need to take progress shots more often I think.

I took a gamble and ordered some ‘Happy Way’ brand fat burner samples online… You can build up a resistance to them, so I don’t want to get stupid with it. I need to research the best way to use them (10 mins before every workout, at certain times of the day etc.)

EDIT: I just looked it up – apparently one serve in the morning when you wake up to get you going (I’m sure a cup of coffee will do the same thing), and one before a workout – then it went into adding ALCAR and CLA supplements which sound scary AF to me, so I’ll just stick with a natural-ish fat burner for now…

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Goodness Me Box – April Unboxing


Goodness Me Box time!!

I was super impressed with these boxes this month! A couple of favourites that I have tried before, and a couple of new items too. You don’t even understand how excited I am about the Alter Eco chocolate and also the coconut milk – i’m loving salted caramel at the moment so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!

First off is the Kids Box;

Loving the sugar free lollipop! Interested to try the healthy Vegemite!



Now the Standard Box;


Increasingly Frustrated – But also Progress!


You know what is really annoying me lately? The fact that I have to make sure I know, or remember the street names, and locations etc for where I am running. I cant run at night or when it is dark (which is pretty much when I am home now that summer has ended), and I cant access my treadmill at the moment due to our shed being full of my late father in law’s belongings. I’m just sick and tired of having to be careful and not being safe. I don’t even live or work in bad neighborhoods.
I am hearing about too many women being followed by cars, or followed and approached by other men posing as runners, or even just strangers jumping out of bushes. I can’t vary my route, and I cant really change my running times too much due to work. Its frustrating the hell out of me at the moment.


I lost weight last week! Not a lot, but enough to change the numbers a bit!

This week I am being a little lazy with lunches at work. I’m getting a hot/cooked half chicken, microwaving a huge bowl of frozen veggies, and putting some gravy on it. Tonight we are having lasagna for dinner – I plan to have a small portion, and fill the rest of the plate up with veggies… But then again, it is delicious lasagna… Must. Stay. Strong. I’m so sick of salad greens, and now that summer is over I am enjoying hot food so much more. 

I really am loving running so much right now – Its something I really look forward to. I’m increasing my frequency to mon/tues – thurs/fri – and possibly a HIIT class on Wednesdays. My knees and shins are not liking it at all, so I really need to step up with building my supporting muscles. Ugh.

I really really really want a Garmin. My polar watch/HR monitor is great, but it is chewing through the batteries, so I think it might be about to kick the bucket. Such a shame. I bought it second hand off eBay for $15 when I was on maternity leave and had no money. I actually had to save up for it. My biggest concern is the accuracy of the HR monitor being in the wrist of the Garmin that I can afford, but it would be nice to not have to wear a chest strap.

Anywho, that is all the rambling for this week I think…


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Another Cold? Why Not?


Honestly… this is getting ridiculous. 

My house is full of germs. We all keep getting sick – I’m nuking everything and yet I must be missing something that keeps re-infecting us… I wiped down my desk at work with alcohol wipes and boiled my drink bottle… I don’t know what else to do -_-

I ran yesterday and I want to run today too – hopefully I feel a bit better and can just go for it.

I might make a curry tonight full of turmeric and broccoli. The husband isn’t eating much at all – despite my nagging about taking Nurofen on an empty stomach – so I may have to force feed him lol.

On a positive note, still haven’t gained! I have a HIIT class booked on Thursday so I better be better for that!

I bought sooooo many protein powder samples 🙂 Botanika Blends is one that is stocked at Aldi – I tried the ‘custard filled cinnamon donut’ flavour – its not the worst one ever, but its a bit gritty. Today I want to try a White Wolf Vegan one – salted caramel. I am also loving B Raw Ultimate Plant Protein – salted caramel is actually DELICIOUS – it doesn’t have the thermogenics that Prana On Phyto Fire does – but that’s not really a priority for me. My priorities are plant protein, all the aminos, most protein for least calories 🙂  Also – it needs to taste goooood – Its a massive incentive to know that if you go for a run or have a good workout, you can have a super sweet shake after – its like a treat 🙂

**UPDATE** – I went for another run – I feel GREAT for it! Tried the White Wolf powder and its is THE WORST ONE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Its FOUL! Also the double shot coffee Botanika blends is gross – I love coffee and this is not it.

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Another Motivational Running App


I  still love “Zombies, Run!” but I wanted to try something that actually pushed me a bit harder. I downloaded “Fit for Battle” (http://fitforbattle.net/ ) – It’s quite silly and light hearted, but I actually ran my fastest time in MONTHS.

With Zombies, you don’t actually have to run any faster – there are zombie chases that encourage you to sprint, but no one is really keeping track. With Battle, it tells you to speed up if you start to slow down, and says ‘good’ when you are running at tempo which is surprisingly effective.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to keep the app open the whole time – so if you have strava running in the background and want to quickly check it, it pauses the battle app. No biggie, just slightly inconvenient.

I didn’t really gain over the weekend, so if I stay on track this week, I should actually see some results this Friday! I don’t want to count my eggs before they’ve hatched, but I can’t seem to get below 81kg – If I hit 79.9kg on friday I will be so bloody happy!





Progress and Protein


Holy Moly I’ve been getting those runs in! I haven’t been able to make my weekday runs longer due to work (they average about 3.8km, 3 times a week), but I’m trying to get a 6.5km one done every weekend. 

I’ve also Joined the James Smith Academy free trial – http://www.jamessmithacademy.com

I’ve always always always counted calories (even on a binge) but I’ve never really worried about hitting my macros, or even what the exact targets were (in grams). JSA gives you a protein goal to aim for, which is great as I had no idea that I needed that much. The only issue I have is that animal protein is the highest protein for the lowest calories BUT I’m trying to reduce my animal protein as it is so inflammatory.  I love tofu, but I can’t eat it all the time.

JSA put a quote on one of their emails – “One hot day doesn’t make a summer” and it makes perfect sense. I am such a sucker for “I was so good yesterday, I can afford to eat this -insert unhealthy food- today” – I am hoping this added motivation sticks around 🙂

Weight not really down – but I have been eating so badly over the weekends. I haven’t gained either though – so yay for that!

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