I binged over the weekend. Of course I did.

I don’t think I did as much damage as the weekend before… I did some serious damage control yesterday (Monday) and that helped too. I stayed under my calories, did a longer lunchtime walk, AND jumped on the treadmill before bed.

I’m surprised at how much I am enjoying meal replacements. I do get quite hungry throughout the day, and I worry that this will trigger a binge, but knowing that I can have a nice evening dinner, AND eat the whole portion, gets me through. I would NEVER have pasta or rice in my diet when losing weight in the past – but being VLC (very low calorie) during the day allows me to do just that 🙂 Tonight I am making pasta bake for everyone, and hell yes, I am going to have a decent serve of it without any guilt!

This week I have joined a fitbit challenge with my friends which is really helping to keep me motivated – and slightly competitive. Its nice to feel this positive at the start of the week, rather than freaking out about the weekend binge.

If anyone has any meal replacement shakes that they love, please feel free to let me know – I need some new flavours!

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Friday Weigh In – Week#3

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Well Hello There! It goes to show just how much one binge can affect your weight loss – I only lost 300 grams this week. It is still a loss though, so I am still moving forward, and I am not going to beat myself up too much – but I am a little pissed about it. Slow weight loss is easier to maintain, but its super frustrating.

This weekend I HAVE to stay on track!

We are going to my mother’s house for dinner tonight, and she has cooked a healthy dinner, but there is Tiramisu for dessert. I can keep it all within my calorie limit if I don’t eat anything else other than a shake for lunch. I just hope I don’t get hungry  -_-

I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday – there will be bad food. The question is, do I avoid the food completely, or try and just have a tiny helping? I’m worried that if I allow myself to have something, it will open the flood gates.

Oh yeah, here are the stats for this week.

Starting Weight: 85kg – 187lbs

Current Weight: 82kg – 180.4lbs

Total Loss: 3kg – 6.6lbs

Total Remaining: 14kg – 30.8lbs

Time Left until 1st December: 16 Weeks

I need to up my exercise now. I am still using the cold as an excuse to not go on the treadmill and it’s not doing me any favours.

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Weight loss Journey – Week 3

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I’m still figuring out the timing and titling of these posts. 

I binged on Sunday – on top of overeating during the day! Chips and chocolate – the usual suspects. I did well to not open them for over two weeks, and then Saturday night I opened one block and had ONE row. I felt great going to sleep knowing that I hadn’t turned it into a binge.

Yesterday though… I worked my butt off doing some more paving, and my muscles were on fire so I laid on the couch with a wheat pack and just felt sorry for myself. I had a big lunch, and a bigger dinner. Then I had a piece of chocolate, and another, and another. Before you know it, the entire family size block was gone, plus half a bag of potato chips, plus 2 apple/cinnamon muffins. What sucks the most is that it wasn’t even my favourite chocolate OR chips! To be honest, I didn’t even really like them, I just mindlessly scarfed them down.

Yesterday I was on damage control. I had planned to go on the treadmill as it was pissing with rain and hail all day, but when I got home, the power had gone out (my whole suburb was affected). The power didn’t come back on until midnight. This was a blessing in disguise though – I had soup for dinner, and I couldn’t see any snacks because it was so dark! – Also we were bored out of our brains so my husband and I went to sleep shortly after we put the kiddo to bed… no bad food and a good night sleep for me!

Today I am feeling SO HUNGRY. I’m glad I don’t have any snack foods in my work drawer or I would probably be about to binge right now. I’m off to go for my lunch break walk, and when I get back I have zero noodles for lunch. They are surprisingly good! I add some bok choy, bean sprouts and sliced chili (you could add spinach and many other veggies if you wanted) – and then I have a 100 calorie MEAL. The sodium is high though – 1450mg per serve.

Zero Noodles.jpg

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Goodness Me Box – August 2018


Not as good as last month but I definitely got my money’s worth!

The Bennetto chocolate is my FAVOURITE so I was pleasantly surprised to get 3 Full size blocks!

I forgot to take a snap, but I also got 15% off any online order of Isowhey. I have never tried it before, but since I am literally using meal replacements at the moment, maybe its a sign? I’ll check out their website and think about it.

Friday Weigh in – Week #2

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GOOOOOOD MORNING!!! It is a miserable, rainy AF day here. Its so cold. I was late to work because our dog dug up under our down pipe to the extent that it almost fell off, and then dug under the house enough that she could almost get out to the road. So at 6:30 this morning in pitch black and pouring rain, my husband and I were up to our elbows in mud and dirt, trying to fill in the holes, put supports under our down pipe, and block it all off with old pavers and chunks of wood. My poor husband had to crawl under the house and sort that bit out too.


Today is a good day. It is weigh day, and I felt positive about it as soon as I woke up. I felt lighter before I even got on the scales. Eating less food throughout the day has really helped with cravings believe it or not. It has had its bad/hard moments don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure it will continue to do so, but I’m not fantasizing about chocolate or donuts etc like I normally would. And I haven’t even wanted to plan a binge. Probably because the meal replacements I am having are very sweet.

OK I need to stop crapping on and do the stats;

Starting Weight: 85kg – 187lbs

Current Weight: 82.3kg – 181lbs  

Total Loss: 2.7kg – 5.94lbs

Total Remaining: 14.3kg – 31.46lbs

Time Left until 1st December: 17 Weeks

Its slow progress, but I need to remember that I’m not 17 and dancing 5 times a week and walking to my friends’ houses anymore. I’m 32, and work a sedentary job.

Every day around 10am, someone in my office makes an instant soup sachet. I hate the things, but they smell delicious when you’re already a bit hungry – THAT is making it hard for me right now. I might whiz up a green smoothie.


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels.

Food/Diet Update – End of Week 1


I didn’t binge over the weekend!

I went over my calories – but when I say this, it was not my normal ‘going over’. Normally, I would binge eat and go over by 2000+ calories each day, but this weekend I went over by about 600 calories. No binge, just letting myself have a small treat or two.

To most people that’s nothing – not even worth mentioning, but for me it was SO HARD. I had to consciously stay away from the kitchen and busy myself with other tasks. Also the foods that I would normally eat are just not appealing to me at the moment, even my weekend ritual of avocado toast with tomatoes, chili, and nutritional yeast didn’t do it for me, so trying to figure out what to eat, and still make it healthy while sorting out the husband and kid’s meals is a pain.

I quite like having meal replacements, or green smoothies instead of Breakfast/Lunch during the week, and keeping it VLC (very low calorie) for the first half of the day. Its giving me more room to appreciate my dinners, and I’m finding that if I do slip up and have a piece of chocolate or something late at night, it isn’t sending me right over the edge.

My weekend was productive though. We got one task done that has been unfinished for roughly 4 years – it was a dangerous hole in my backyard right where the utility boxes are (gas, electricity, etc). We finally finished the box to go over the underground sprinkler system, back-filled the hole, and started re-paving around it! It was a good workout (shoveling dolomite, and lifting/fitting pavers) which was an added bonus. I think this coming weekend is going to be awful weather though, which sucks as I really wanted to finish it off and then get underneath the house blocked off. Our dog is a digger and she’s just started digging around our house footings -_-

Ooh! I found some progress pictures from last year when I was 15 kilos lighter and put them up against current pictures – Holy Moly that’s some motivation right there! I thought I was still looking podgy and gross after I had lost the weight, but perspective is a wonderful thing.

This has been a bit of a random post… oh well, feeling positive about Friday’s weigh in and also feeling positive about my food which is AMAZING!

Friday Weight Loss Update


I’m still figuring out when I should post my weight updates. Mondays? Fridays? I’m thinking Fridays…

So here we go – this is only from Monday, not a full week.

Starting Weight 85kg – 187lbs

Current Weight 83.5kg – 183.7lbs

Week One Loss 1.5kg – 3.3lbs

That’s not bloody bad for 5 days! Hopefully I don’t ruin it over the weekend. We have a fair to go to. I’m honestly going to have to focus on eating before we go or something – don’t spend the money on food, spend my time looking at all the market stalls and putting my kid on the rides or something.

On Sunday I am slow cooking a beef roast in red wine and garlic, and I am SO looking forward to it. I could eat roast potatoes until the cows come home. Its a relatively healthy meal that I am planning, but I know I will exceed decent portion sizes.

Last night my feeder husband brought home 4 bags of lollies… 4 BAGS!!! And 2 blocks of chocolate!!! I don’t really like the lollies which will be easy for me to avoid, and if I don’t even open the chocolate I will be fine. I NEED to keep on the ball over the weekend. That is my biggest downfall – I lose my willpower and do the whole “Just one… Just one more…”

Wish me luck…


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