Long time no read?

I’m so tired.

I’ve lost my mojo with my course, I have 9 days to submit an assignment and I just cbf. I’ll do it. But I guess its going to be an all-nighter on the weekend.

I’m back up to 85kg. I have been doing Keto so that I can better understand my course and also to have constructive advice for future clients. The first two weeks were great, but I’m eating way too many calories.

I just need some motivation…

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Unit 1 Complete


So I have completed and passed the first unit of my course.

I also spent an hour binge eating while reading about how to initiate behaviour change through mindful eating.

Well… at least I will be able to help others right?

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Thinking is Haaaard


Reading is easy.

Remembering everything… not so easy.

Putting it into writing? In your own words? HAAAAAAAAAARD!

I was so proud of myself for getting all of the reading done for the first unit of my course in 2 days. Then I started the first assessment. Oh Lordy.

There are 3 Assessments in the first unit. The first one isn’t too difficult, but I had a peek at the other two and holy hell I’m really going to need to use my brain.

My first thought? “Ugh this is too hard, and it’s costing so much money. I’m still in the cooling off period, I can just quit”


Suck it up princess. Just get on with it!

On the weight front, I’m back to intermittent fasting during the week. Its the easiest way for me to ensure I’m in a caloric deficit. The last 2 weeks (while not IF) I’ve been getting migraines worse than I’ve ever had in my life and I don’t know what is triggering them  the only thing that matches the timeline and is new, is me waking up early and hitting the treadmill. This morning I only walked on the treadmill to see how my head was today. I definitely have a headache, but its no migraine. I’m drinking enough water too so I’m still confused as to what is causing it.


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I have my deposit, and tomorrow I am enrolling in Cert IV – Weight Management!!!

Aaaaaagh I’m so freaken excited!

I HAVE to stick to this healthy lifestyle because I cannot possibly give out weight management or nutrition advice when I am overweight.

What I love about this course is that it also gives you the tools to help set up your business.

The career outcomes of this course are;

Wellness Coach
Health Coach
Nutrition Coach

Weight Loss Practitioner
Weight Loss Consultant
Weight Management Practitioner

I love this, as I already have a full time position, and most people who need to see a nutrition coach etc. need to do so out of business hours to fit in with their work schedule. I can earn extra money WHILE doing something that I LOVE!

Excited is an understatement.


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My Last Goodness Me Box


Goodbye GM Box. 

I am needing to save as much money as possible right now (all will be explained in my next post) so I am cutting out expenses that are not necessary or that don’t make me SUPER happy. GM Box has been hit and miss for a long time now, and I always end up giving things away anyway. Its a lovely mood boosting gift to myself, but also completely unnecessary.

So here are the goodies;

Can I please note, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DETOX TEA!

Detoxing is done by your liver and digestive system. A salad that can assist your body’s detoxification process is still A SALAD – not a detox salad.

Tea is simply Tea. It may have lovely health benefits, but it won’t be the reason your body detoxifies itself.



Then there was a diagnosis


So I figured it would be a good idea to see a doctor and get a full health check at the start of the year, improve my diet and lifestyle, then get another check done in 3-6 months too see how I have improved my health.

I got full bloods done, and also blood test for thyroid function as thyroid issues run in my family. I got a skin check as I have a few freckles and skin cancer runs in my family too, and lastly, I am getting a spirometry test done next week as I have some funky things going on with my breathing every now and then.

Doctor called early this week with the results.

Blood Counts – PERFECT!

Kidney and Liver Function – AMAZING!

Cholesterol – OPTIMAL – levels are meant to be between 1 and 3 – Mine is 2.9 🙂

Skin Check – Everything was benign – no cancerous cells were detected.

Thyroid Function – NORMAL

Thyroid Antibodies – Crap… Optimal Level is 4.1 – Mine is 12.5. This is essentially a promise that I will develop Hashimotos Thyroiditis. It makes sense though. My hair falls out all the time. I have a foot heater at work because I feel the cold more than anyone. I am having more and more trouble losing weight – the list of matching symptoms keeps growing.

I have been doing some research and there is really nothing that I can do to prevent it. I can make sure I don’t get too much Iodine (mainly found in seaweed/kelp or iodised salt etc) and apparently caffeine can have negative effects too. Looks like I’ll be switching to decaf in the mornings…  but the diagnosis is inevitable.

If anything though, this has made me more determined and also interested in maintaining an improved healthy lifestyle to see how it affects my next check up.

*Update – Bloody Maca Powder 😦 I cant take that anymore as it slows down your thyroid.

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If you pray, can you please pray for rain?


My country is on fire… still.

This is a post from my friend https://theoncomingstorminateacup.wordpress.com/

“If you are thinking of donating to a charity in support of the fires, please consider donating to a small, lesser known charity, since some, such as NSWRFS are getting large amounts of a publicity (and donations/ well over 50 mil) – while it’s all going somewhere good, there are small and unknown charities doing great work with little to no resources.”

In particular:

https://www.savem.org.au – South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management who are assisting with treating the unique (and now much smaller) population of Koalas on KI.

https://www.gofundme.com/f/1uykisdumo… – Hanson Bay’s Wildlife and Koala Sanctuary was destroyed in the fire.

https://au.gofundme.com/f/help-save-kangaroo-islands-koalas… – The Kangaroo Wildlife Fund who are treating wildlife, in particular many Koalas who were injured in the fires.

https://cfsfoundation.org.au/donate… – The CFS Foundation support volunteer firefighters and their families in South Australia.

https://www.vetsbeyondborders.org/donate-to-charity – Vets beyond borders are treating animals injured in the Cudlee Creek and KI fires as well as interstate.

https://adelaidekoalarescue.squarespace.com/donate – Adelaide Koala Rescue are caring for Koalas in the Adelaide Hills.”


Every state in Austrailia is on fire – Western Australia has been cut off from the rest of the country due to fire AND flood.

I don’t care what your opinions or beliefs are on climate change. What the world needs to agree on though,  is that the way we are living is not healthy or sustainable, and things need to change.

If you can, please donate.

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CHRISTMAS! – oh and new beginnings!



I really lost my blogging mojo for a while (even considered deleting everything) but I am hoping to kick-start it all again in the new year! I have a lot to catch up on… so sorry for the lengthy post!

Firstly – I have been eating like its Christmas Day for the last 3 weeks and I’ve undone all my efforts. Back up to 82kg, what a douche-bag.

Secondly I am looking to make some massive life changes in the new year! – Positive ones of course.

I have THREE new years resolutions…

I always do what is easiest. The one that is less disruptive, cheapest, doesn’t impact others etc. Sometimes this is to my detriment.

I love my job, but I am being forced to change it in the next 12 months. The business I work for is moving far away, and are not considering transfers for my team to other offices (we go with the business, or we quit). So I have to find another job. I have had this job since I was 18 and have never gained any other qualifications or trades as I have never needed them. Now I need them.

The easiest path for me to take (and the one that my brain is still pushing for) is to get another job at the same pay rate but doing admin or reception (which I just get no joy from) – this would be the easiest option as I don’t really need any qualifications, and there are generally a few jobs going in this field. I would then probably stay in that role until the end of time.

I have also been doing multiple free online nutrition and health courses, because I can gain the knowledge that I want, without having to submit difficult assignments that require time and effort (the biggest I had to submit was 250 words and it was reviewed by other students, not the educator).  But because I’m not paying the $250 per course, I’m not getting any of the certificates. This leads me into resolution #2…

What do I want to be when I grow up? As a kid, the answer was always a famous actor… I auditioned at university and the AIT – I was so nervous, and just did a woeful job. Actors Inc involved a lengthy application process, professional photos that I had to pay for – so it was ‘too hard’; getting a manager was ‘too hard’ so I gave up on all of that. Then I started working full time, bought a house, started a family etc. and basically forgot that I could actually have other aspirations – or just shoved them to the back of the closet.

If you ask me that same question now? I have a different answer – I want to be an APD (Accredited Practicing Dietitian). I want to have my own practice and see patients one on one, outside of a hospital setting.

In order to become accredited, I need to do at least 4 years FULL TIME at university on campus – plus hospital placements. It HAS to be an accredited degree otherwise I can’t actually be a practicing dietician. No matter the desire, it is just not viable for me right now, for financial reasons – there is no way I can be unemployed for the next 4 years, even working part time would put us under.


I am enrolling in a Nutrition Coach Course through the Australian Institute of Fitness which I can do 100% online 🙂 I am enrolling end of January with the aim to start in March 2020.


If I enjoy this course and get back in to the swing of assignments and research etc. I might even do their Personal Training Certificate – Its not 100% online, but I might be able to work out some days with my long service leave. If I get this certificate, I can start doing some personal training on the side – if that takes off and I can earn a decent living off it – I can work university around PT (most people require a PT after hours).

Don’t let minor setbacks stop me (this includes diet too). Don’t stop when it gets too hard – because it will get too hard at points… Just. Keep. Going!

Well that was a ramble and a half!

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Goodness Me Box – November Unboxing


Goodness Me Box – November Unboxing

I’ve been

a bit AWOL lately sorry – lost my blogging mojo.

First up the Kids Box. This box actually caused me to cancel the subscription for the kids box. I just don’t think its worth the money. It also came with 2 ‘motivational cards’ which are just a waste of money in my opinion…


And for the Standard Box;