I skipped dinner last night – its funny how that triggers the “OMG STARVATION” response in people until you say, “Oh, its ok, I’m intermittent fasting” 🙂

I’m not doing either.

We are still doing our backyard and I was so busy running errands and moving gravel that I simply didn’t get time to make dinner.

But it helped!

I weighed in at 79.9kg – WOOT! I’m disappointed in myself that it has taken 9 months to lose 5.2kg – but I still lost something.

Now I just have to not wreck it tonight!

Its the hottest day in ages today, so I am having a low sugar/calorie cider with dinner tonight (roughly 104cals) but I’m also going for a run today, and eating salad for dinner. Breakfast was my usual iced coffee and vegemite toast. Lunch will be another coffee, an entire punnet of strawberries, and a protein shake after my run.

Super happy today!

Photo downloaded from Pexels – but I cant find the photographer to credit them 😦 https://www.pexels.com/photo/beach-calm-clouds-horizon-459522/

Sunny Days are Here!


Well since my last post I’ve only lost another 200g – but still better than a gain right?

The sun has been shining all week.

We’ve accomplished things in our yard. We are getting more dirt taken out this weekend and hopefully some turf in next weekend!

My washing is drying in one day lol. – My favourite thing about Summer!

Work is still giving me the shits but meh, it’s a secure job and it’s paying my mortgage. I really wanted to run today, but I have to use my lunch break to get bright green clothes for my kid’s school sports day. My dad is coming over tonight too, so I wont be able to head out then either.

I still can’t wait for the Mangoes to start being stocked at the supermarket! Yesterday I had a fruit bowl for lunch with half a small tub of yogurt. To be honest, it was sweet enough without the yogurt – I probably didn’t need it.

Still having my coffee and 2 slices of wholemeal toast with vegemite for breakfast – a super small lunch (as low calorie as possible) so that I can enjoy my dinner. Also added bonus if I’m not too hungry at dinner time, and don’t eat it all – the smaller lunch ensures that I have a calorie deficit.

Its slow progress, but at the moment, I’m feeling like I’m not missing out on nice food, and I haven’t been having such severe binges. Last night I got peckish while waiting for dinner to cook, and started binging on Doritos – managed to stop myself after about 150 calories worth, ate dinner, and was still in a deficit 🙂

Current Weight = 80.6kg

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

End of Challenge – Start new Challenge


Well I guess I won?

I was the only one that actually lost anything – Weighed in at 80.8kg this morning. So 3kg lost.

I’m not going to stop there though! I would ideally like to lose another 13kg by 1st December – which is pushing it I know, but I just want to enjoy my summers instead of feeling all sticky and fat and gross. I want to go swimming and not feel like I have to wear baggy clothes. I want to wear a summer dress with short sleeves and not put a cardigan on to cover my arms. I want my kid to remember both of her parents having fun at the beach – not just her father.

I have so many beautiful dresses and tops that I never wear because they are too tight or short sleeved. I cant wait to wear them! I WILL WEAR THEM!

I’m so so busy at work right now that I’m not really getting time to eat lunch and also no time for mindless snacking – which is really helping with my calorie deficit. I’m also able to indulge a little at dinner time and eat delicious food like chicken kievs etc. (last nights dinner). Still having coffee and two pieces of wholemeal toast for breakfast – coffee or chai tea during the day, and a delicious dinner.

I’ve changed up my running schedule too. 5km 3 times a week was getting really hard on my shins and knees and I wasn’t recovering very well – so this week I did 3-4km 4 times and I felt really freaken good.

OOH! I bought a new fat burner to try! I was so nervous about spending almost $80 on something I’ve never had before (previously only used Happy Way). I tried it yesterday and holy moly, I felt like I was FLYING! The sweat was pouring off me and it also enhanced my mood. Tastes SO BAD – like crunched up paracetamol tablets with flavouring, but the effects are worth it! I’ve put a picture of it below. Its also vegan.  I have been getting my protein (and now fat burner) from Nutrition Warehouse – honestly they are so helpful. They don’t judge you at all! Being overweight, I always think people don’t believe me when I say I’m a runner – but these guys only want to help you and they use the products too.


Anywho, If you are reading this I hope you are having an awesome day!


Main Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

Happy Days


Bring on Spring already!!!

I’ve lost 400g since the last post – so I’m 81.3kg currently.  I can see a slight difference in my face, and my pants are slightly saggy around the butt area.

I got my hair cut today – I always get my mum to cut it, but I needed some professional help this time around. It looks way better than it used to – but they conned me into getting the shampoo…

I’ve been given a second job to do at work for the next month or so (so basically I am doing two people’s jobs for the price of one) – I’m busy as hell, so these posts might be super short and shiny for a while.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

No Loss – But no Gain Either!


The sunny days are becoming more frequent!

I’ve been running my butt off but still not making much progress. This seems to be a recurring theme…

I wasn’t hungry last night, so for the first time in ages I didn’t eat dinner – I didn’t just eat for the sake of eating – I woke up feeling very accomplished lol… and hungry.

We have lots of kids’ birthdays this weekend so tonight we have to do gift shopping – this means I will get a Subway salad for dinner 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be a little lighter! I can’t seem to drop below 81.7kg at the moment.

We are meant to be doing a weight loss challenge at work, but I think I’m the only one actually trying.

Anywho – not much to update this week.


Photo by Khanh Le from Pexels

August Goodness Me Box – Unboxing


August Goodness Me Box

There was a lot in this months box! Pretty happy with it TBH.

First up – the kids box.



I kind of get annoyed with ‘protein powders and snacks’ that have less than 20g of protein in them… but I might pop it in one of my kid’s smoothies for some extra goodness.










Kid LOVES it when there is toothpaste just for her so that’s cool – hopefully it tastes ok!


Now on to the normal box


Yay for Pre-Workout!










Collagen enriched snack and some tea… I wish I liked tea more – but this brand is generally delicious.





A moisturiser sachet and a tiny little piece of chocolate 🙂

img_7702.jpg img_7703.jpg





Love wallnut shell exfoliators – it really gets the crap off your










This Brand always contains the good stuff – but it generally tastes like crap – sorry Nuzest… I haven’t tried this one though so it may surprise me!












Laundry powders sachet! How exciting!







This brand also tastes terrible, but I have only tried their protein powders – I’ll have this on a run day for extra energy.


Everything else is pretty self explanatory 🙂